Silicone Food Wrap Bowl Pot Lid

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Silicon Stretch Lids Universal Lid Silicone Food Wrap Bowl Pot Lid Silicone Cover Pan Cooking Kitchen Accessories

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Excellent Sealing
​ The silicone lids can create an airtight seal with the containers that they are covering.
​The silicone lids are good for most surfaces and materials.The stretchable silicone lids may stick tighter on a shaking container, but flat silicone lids are more airtight in the long run.

Safety and Health
Heat resistant: -30℃~230℃ Frost resistant: -104°C/-40°C , The silicone lids made of 100% food grade silicone approved dishwasher and freezer safe and Microwave-safe & heat-resistant to 450 F Safe and healthy for adult and Baby food storage. (dishwasher and freezer safe) , 6 sizes included, different size fits your different needs
2.64″ (can expandable to 3.5″)
3.85″ (can expandable to 5.3 “)
4.5″ (can expandable to 6.3″)
5.8″ (can expandable to 8.3″)
6.5″ (can expandable to 9.3″)
8.07″ (can expandable to 11”)


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