Foldable Silicone Kitchen Organizer Fruit Vegetable

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  • Heat resistant
  • Best colander set for your kitchen
  • Collapsible, folding, space saving design
  • Fast drainage
  • Big purpose

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Product Description

Perfect Kitchen Partner – Use these Basket to meet all your kitchen straining needs, works for fruit, vegetable, spaghetti, pasta and other noodles, as your best strainer for your kitchen. Collapsible, Folding, Space Saving Design – The strainers are foldable, so they do not take up much room in your kitchen cupboards. You can place neatly when you finished. These strainers can be quickly immersed into hot water blanch vegetables.


  • These premium strainers and colanders let you wash, rinse, shake out, and even serve fresh foods quickly, easily and without the mess, the raised surface lets your food drain even while you leave it in the sink and the side holes won’t let water accumulate at the base.
  • Each colander is strong enough to stand upright when expanded and collapses down to lay flat, make them stackable and easy-to-store in cabinets or deep drawers, save space.
  • Designed with your health and convenience in mind, your experience with them will be safe, so make your time in the kitchen easier, simpler and healthier starting now, safe to use for you and your family and they are also safe.


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