YSL Libre Women Edp Perfume 90ml

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Libre, The New Eau De Parfum By Yves Saint Laurent, Represents The Freedom To Live Everything To Excess. Your Boundless Creativity, Your Complete Emancipation, Your Ever-evolving Femininity.
Libre Is A Grand Floral Eau De Parfum, With An Unequivocal Ysl Twist. The Burning Sensuality Of The Orange Blossom Flowers From Morocco, Twisted With The Aromatic Boldness Of Lavender From France. Lavender, Traditionally Used In Male Perfumery Is Given An Ultra-feminine Facet Culminating In A Couture-infused Scent With A Uniquely Androgynous Ysl Attitude.

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LIBRE, the new Eau De Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent, represents the freedom to live everything to excess. Your boundless creativity, your complete emancipation, your ever-evolving femininity.


The perfume of a strong, bold and free woman experiencing her freedom at its most empowered extreme.


The first floral lavender. The tension between the burning sensuality of an orange blossom from Morocco & the boldness of a lavender from France with a feminine twist. A singular trail like a breath of freedom.


A couture, sharp-angled bottle that is dually architecturally masculine and sensually feminine. The iconic YSL Cassandre – an oversized luxury accessory – is strikingly bent and nailed into the glass like a jewel. Sexy golden chains and an asymmetric black lacquered cap adorn the bottle to complete it as a manifesto of freedom and irreverence.

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